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Learning, Sharing, Dialoging

Dialogum.net is a new service designed to facilitate constructive, professional and respectful dialogues between politicians and all citizens regarding the various municipal, provincial / state and federal issues affecting cities.  


This service allows politicians and public administrators to go further in the scale of citizen participation.


Thus not only does the service allows for information, consultation and discussion activities, but it also allows to evaluate, co-create and even vote on issues.


Improving our Collective Citizen Footprint


The goal of citizen participation is not just to participate, but to improve our individual citizen footprint.


As more citizens improve their citizen footprint, the more we can :


- reduces the strain on our collective resources.

- free our collective ressources.

- respond to urgent needs.

- increase the quality of life for everyone.


This is the objective behind Dialogum.


Please read the instructions on the right side to learn how to participate in the process.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 819-568-6793 or 1-844-568-6793 or by e-mail. If not, register  


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