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How to have Dialogues

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Here are some techniques to facilitate communication. Please remember that Dialgom.net is a community of practice for citizens. In other words, Dialogum is a platform where everyone can learn to become a better citizen. To create an environment conducive to learning, we need to have Constructive, Professional and Respectful Dialogues. (CPR)


Focus on the subject, on the idea or on the action.


One of the best ways to remain respectful is to focus on the subject, on the idea or on the action. In doing so, the chances of creating a negative reaction in the other are minimal.


Work with the other participants.


Some citizens are future or past oriented, some focus on feeling while others are more technical. Some rely on facts while others are more intuitive.

Dialogues are more constructive, professional and respectful (CPR) when participants try to understand what their fellow citizens are trying to convey.


Ask Questions


It is thus a good practice to ask questions like:


        1. Can you give me more details?
        2. Can you clarify?




So if I understand properly, you are proposing…
So if I understand properly, you are saying …

It is recommended to speak in I

Talking in I also facilitates a constructive and respectful dialogue.

      • I am for / against this idea
      • I believe that
      • I like or I do not like

Instead of :

      • Your ideas…
      • Your beliefs are…
      • You don’t….

We are more sensitive when we read something that starts with “you” because our brain perceives this as a threat.


The most important person is?


The idea of Dialogum is to create a healthy environment that encourages citizens to come back so that we all participate in the development and the functioning of our societies.

So we need to remember that the most important person is the one who follows us.

We need to remind ourselves that when we respond, we do not only respond to the person that we are having a dialogue with, but all those who follow the dialogue but don’t participate.



It is estimated that more than 90% of participants are lurkers. This means that they read but do not participate.

Lurking is good


Lurking is good since a person that lurks is a person that learns.

When lurkers capture the knowledge they read and they try to understand, it becomes part of them and they can share or apply this knowledge,


The advantage of a written dialogue


Take advantage of the fact that the communication is written

Take time to read, correct, reread and correct yourself.

That being said, it is also possible to correct his text afterwards.

Little tricks


Use Google Translation to read your text.
Use Google Translation to translate your text. If you are bilingual, reading the translation can help you write a more comprehensible and less faulty text.


Thank you for enhancing the quality of the dialogues in the  Dialogum.net communities.

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