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How to present your text?


Here are a few ideas to make reading easier.


A - When you create a new message, try using these little tricks.  


A - 1 On the screens, it is easier to read small paragraphs than long ones.

      1. Confining yourself to 2 or 3 sentences per paragraph is a good practice. 

A - 2 Use numbering or bullets when you have 3 or more items.   

        1. It is also a good practice, because it makes reading easier. 

A - 3 Divide your ideas.

      1. Using titles
      2. Using indentations

A - 4 Preview your message.

      1. This option allows you to see how the message will appear when you click on "Submit"

B - When you reply to a message

B - 1 It is possible for you to quote the message by clicking on the text "Quote" and then to answer it.

When the quoted text contains multiple points you want to answer, you can even use the [quote] and [/ quote] codes to divide the quote into subcitation.

However, this requires knowledge of HTML because, the use of codes can distort the format of the text. That being said, the use of this approach facilitates dialogue.

B - 2 Use the same tips as for creating a new message.




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